"La Conzone Napolet" on the Radio... Preparations for spring summer collection with excitement of a new season.


Color palette is very large this season. However, all hues of blue take their place in the seat of honor as philosophy of the collec-tion. Steel gray, bitter yellow, sand color and koi orange give energy to the collection. White is more eyeful and brighter in the collection compared toother times. Noble color of the fashion, black continues to preserve its class considering men who are not afraid of sun

Men are granted the opportunity of being more comfortable and dynamic in their daily lives thanks to lightness of suit and jackets that are symbols of elegance and status. Suit designed with fine details draws attention with different collar and "label" cuts. Unlined jackets, wool, mohair, jacquard jackets with thin collar and wristband cuff without button provide the possibility to act comfortably. Suits and jackets with one or double buttons which have a different design with models with pocket have an assertive place in Bagozza collections.

Light and quality clothes selected carefully from leading fabric tradesmen of Italy are on the table... Design team touches on silk, wool, cashmere, linen fabrics one by one. Their excitement when they touch on Vicuna fabric touches on our spirits.This fabric that is used in weaving dresses of Inca king once a upon a time is a very rare fabric. Design team starts to work

Details are quiet actors of Bagozza collection. It succeeds to create difference without stealing role from leading actors. Dance of lines, tartans, small spots, masculine Flower designs, monochrome smartness, geometric designs, digital printings, Floral and textured designs and fabrics take their energy from the nature

For this collection, a very large tuxedo option has been prepared from modern and minimal forms to maximal forms for"Ceremonie line group. A different comment has been brought to tuxedos with very differ-ent options such as pointed collar, mono collar, shawl, double-breasted collar, stripped collar

Very elegant shirts produced from special fabrics with different collar and fit molds, models with covered pockets and especially suet shirts looking like jacket with complete lamb leather outside and completely silk inner liner are very assertive. There are many different t-shirt and tricot options for classical, sportive and freeliver men

T-shirts with block stripes and camouflage designs and thin tricots have a different style with each kind of dress. Pants forming of wool and complete cotton mix provide a large collection with fit cut, skinny leg, low waist and models with 4-5 pockets.